Wind Energy 101 Webinar

A photo of a row of wind turbines stretching out to the horizon in an open field. In the foreground, in front of the first windmill, a small blue tractor is making its way through the field of long green and brown grass. In the background is perfectly clear blue sky.

Here you'll find a presentation about wind energy fundamentals, applications, and markets from the Tribal Energy Program Webinar presented on July 23, 2010. Presenters included Senior Mechanical Engineer Tony Jimenez with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and Jason Scott with the Wisconsin Department of Commerce.

View a video of the presentation below or download a copy of the presentation, Wind Energy 101: Fundamentals, Applications, and Markets.

About the Presenter

Tony Jimenez is a senior mechanical engineer on NREL's Wind Powering America team. His activities include administering NREL's Native American Anemometer Loan Program, outreach to tribes contemplating wind energy projects, leading U.S. Department of Energy/NREL's small wind turbine Regional Test Center project, and wind turbine siting and analysis work on behalf of the Navy. Past work includes development of wind farm financial analysis and small wind analysis tools, wind project economic impact analysis, and co-authoring two hybrid system application guidebooks.