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Technical Assistance

Helpful Resources on Energy Project Planning and Development:

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE)'s Tribal Energy Program, together with DOE's Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs, provides strategic energy planning and project development technical assistance to federally recognized Indian tribes, tribal energy resource development organizations, and other organized tribal groups and communities to advance tribal renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

The goal of the technical assistance is to address a specific challenge or fulfill a need that is essential to a current project's successful implementation. Note that this technical assistance is not intended to compete with industry by performing activities typically performed by consultants/contractors, nor is it intended to provide skills/job training or field general inquiries. The intended result is a tangible product or specific deliverable designed to help move the project forward.

To achieve the desired result, technical experts from the DOE, DOE's national laboratories, and others are available to provide up to 40 hours of in-depth support, including (1) strategic energy planning and (2) project development support.

Technical assistance is typically limited to 40 hours and may include, but is not limited to, the following:

Strategic Energy Planning

Strategic energy planning technical assistance consists of an on-site, workshop designed to assist tribal leaders and tribal staff in understanding their resources, identifying their options, and developing a viable road map to successful completion of the project. The workshop is facilitated by a tribal energy expert and walks attendees through nine specific energy planning steps. Learn how other tribes have benefitted from the community strategic energy planning process.

Project Development Support

Project development support consists of expert guidance and analysis that helps address specific barriers tribes face while developing a clean energy project. Examples of this type of technical assistance include:

  • Third-party independent reviews of transmission studies, financing structures, lease agreements, project reports, etc.
  • Objective advice grounded in research and real-world experience on technologies
  • Modeling and analysis (or assistance in using available modeling/analysis tools)
  • Pre-feasibility transmission studies
  • Interconnection agreement facilitation
  • Economic evaluations
  • System design reviews
  • Other specific studies or analysis, upon request


The following tribal entities are eligible for Tribal Energy Program technical assistance:

  • Federally recognized Indian tribes, bands, nations, Alaska Native villages
  • Other organized tribal groups and communities—including Alaska Native regional and village corporations
  • Tribal energy resource development organizations

Current projects funded by Tribal Energy Program grants receive the highest priority.

Application Process

To apply, simply complete the online technical assistance request form.

Our staff will process and review your application within two weeks to determine whether your request fits within the program's scope and can be met with available resources. If approved, your request will be forwarded to the appropriate technical assistance provider, who will contact you before beginning work.

To ensure successful delivery of technical assistance, the program requests:

  • An accessible tribal contact who will field calls and respond to emails
  • A designated tribal representative who can be available to sit in on a scoping call as needed
  • Timely response to requests for additional information (e.g., energy usage data) as needed.

For general inquiries, please request information from the program's Help Desk.