Projects Funding History

The U.S. Department of Energy funds a wide variety of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in an effort to assist tribes in realizing their energy visions. Over the past decade, the Tribal Energy Program awarded 70% of its total available discretionary funds directly to tribes to pursue their projects. From 2002 to 2012, the program awarded a total of $41.8 million to fund 175 tribal energy projects. During that same period, tribes contributed a total of $36 million in cost sharing to advance their energy projects. (Note: Per statute only development and deployment type awards have required cost share (50% or 100% match). Read the funding histories for Fiscal Years 1994–2012.

Two charts depicting Tribal Energy Program project funding from Fiscal Year 2002 through Fiscal Year 2012. On the left is a pie chart showing a breakdown of the types of awards granted: of the 175 total awards, 16 were Deployment awards, representing 9% of the total; 59 were Planning awards, representing 34% of the total; 90 were Feasibility awards representing 51% of the total, and 10 were Development awards, representing 6% of the total. On the right is a bar chart depicting Tribal Energy Program funding history. For each year, the graph shows the total number of awards presented to tribes, the total dollar amount of the awards, the dollar amount tribes contributed to projects, and the combined total of Department of Energy awards and tribal cost sharing. For more detailed information on the content of this graphic, please contact the webmaster

Funding History by Fiscal Year

For detailed information on projects listed by state, tribe, technology, award year, and project type, and a map linking project locations to project summaries, see Projects on Tribal Lands.