Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation - 2005 Project

Project Overview
Tribe/Awardee: Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation
Location: Poplar, MT
Project Title: First Steps Towards Renewable Energy Development
Type of Application: First Steps (Planning)
DOE Grant Number: DE-FG36-05GO15192
Project Amounts:
DOE: $95,235
Awardee: $47,761
Total: $142,996
Project Status: Complete  More
Project Period
of Performance:
Start: September 2005
End: December 2006

Project Description

Two phases of work are proposed that build upon the current economic development goals of the Fort Peck Tribes. Phase I will develop a strategic energy plan (SEP) for the tribes. The strategic energy plan will be developed by defining tribal energy goals and objectives contained in a Fort Peck Tribes energy vision statement. Following the completion of the vision statement, a Fort Peck Tribes energy implementation action plan will be created that will clearly define how to implement the goals and objectives contained in the vision statement and SEP. The energy options analysis will be developed by examining energy generation estimates for tribal energy resources, identifying potential energy markets, establishing a proactive tribal energy deployment strategy, and concluding with the creation of a tribal energy solicitation process that outlines how the tribes will receive development proposals to implement tribal energy projects.

Project Status

This project is complete. For details, see the final report (PDF 223 KB). The October 2005 (PDF 106 KB) and October 2006 (PDF 44 KB) project status reports provide more information. Download Adobe Reader.

Project Contact

Walter White Tail Feather
Director, Fort Peck Tribal Energy Department
P.O. Box 606
Poplar, MT 59255
Telephone: 406-768-3413