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Hoopa Valley Tribe - 1994 Project

Project Overview
Tribe/Awardee: Hoopa Valley Tribe
Location: Hoopa, CA
Project Title: Energy Efficient Community Swimming Pool
Type of Application: Deployment
DOE Grant Number: DE-FG48-94R810525
Project Amounts:
DOE: $97,078
Awardee: $18,140
Total: $115,218
Project Status: Complete  More
Project Period
of Performance:
Start: September 1994
End: September 1996

Project Description


The Hoopa Valley Tribe is located in a northern California valley about 45 miles from the nearest city. The tribe is located in remote and mountainous area. The tribe was experiencing high energy costs to operate its community swimming pool due to the equipment's age, inefficient design, and the lack of a pool cover. The old furnace system was in dire need of replacement, and the use of the pool was limited to about four to five months per year.


Under a 1994 grant, the tribe performed an extensive energy efficiency upgrade to the community swimming pool and community center. The objectives were two-fold. First, to install solar thermal collectors on the roof of the community center, and second, to place a cover over the community swimming pool to retain the heat and make the pool usable year around.

The photos show the community swimming pool, the pool building from two angles with solar collectors on the roof, and a closeup of the new high-efficiency pumps.

The Hoopa Valley Tribe was experiencing high energy costs to operate its community swimming pool. Under their Title XXVI grant, the tribe installed a solar pool heating system, an inflatable fabric dome for all-year pool use, a high-efficiency backup gas water heater, and a new upgraded pump/filter system.

Project Actions and Resultant Data

An active solar water heating system is part of the equipment purchased by the Hoopa Valley Tribe with their 1994 grant. The tribe has converted their community swimming pool to year-round operation by covering it with an inflatable fabric dome; heating the water with the solar system and a new high-efficiency gas backup heater; and upgrading the old pump/filter system.

Results, Conclusions, Findings, and Recommendations

When the project was competed, the Hoopa Valley Tribe had installed an array of solar thermal collectors on the roof of its community center, upgraded its gas-fired backup system, and placed a fabric air-pressured dome over the community swimming pool. The new energy system is expected to reduce the community center's utility bill by 32%.

Project Status

For project status or additional information, contact the project contact.

Project Contact

Hoopa Valley Tribe
PO Box 1348
Hoopa, CA 95546
Telephone: (916) 625-5392