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Pueblo of Laguna - 1994 Project

Project Overview
Tribe/Awardee: Pueblo of Laguna
Location: Laguna, NM
Project Title: Feasibility Study of Photovoltaic Module and System Production
Type of Application: Feasibility
DOE Grant Number: DE-FG48-94R810526
Project Amounts:
DOE: $248,665
Awardee: $0
Total: $248,665
Project Status: Complete  More
Project Period
of Performance:
Start: September 1994
End: March 1999

Project Description


The Laguna Pueblo west of Albuquerque, N.M., has a plant that assembles electronic components for the U.S. Department of Defense. Laguna Industries, Inc., in partnership with Spire Corporation, is studying the feasibility of converting part of the plant to assembly of photovoltaic (PV) modules. The grant was extended so that the Pueblo can pursue the possibility of manufacturing 5 mW PV modules for a PV power plant to be constructed by Public Service Company of New Mexico near Albuquerque.

Goals and Objectives

The purpose of this project is to study the feasibility of converting part of the Laguna Industries, Inc. plant to support the assembly of PV modules

The photographs show the Laguna Industries plant, a worker assembling a wiring harness for a Humvee Army vehicle, and a church in the village of Laguna.  All are superimposed on a photo of the village square where Pueblo ceremonial dances take place.

The Laguna Pueblo owns a manufacturing business, Laguna Industries, Inc. (LII), which has considerable experience in assembling electrical wiring harnesses for the Defense Department. The Spire Corporation performed a feasibility study of utilizing the LII plant to assemble photovoltaic modules. Several proposals were submitted to various agencies to manufacture solar arrays.

Project Actions and Resultant Data

Submitted bids on behalf of the Pueblo and its wholly owned corporations to the following for a PNM 5 mW Solar Field:

  • Laguna Construction Company (LCC) teamed with Entech Corp. of Dallas, Texas, to produce concentrator PV for the project. Award went to Applied Power of Lacey, Wash.

  • Established contact with SAIC Corporation, which has utilized Laguna as potential partner for bidding Solar Thermal to PNM. SAIC has been named as awardee.

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) State and Local Climate Change Office: Proposed 10 kW PV at Laguna Tribal Building. EPA however, stated PV wasn't a viable project.

  • PNM Enchantment Grant: Proposed 10 kW Solar carport using LII and LCC. Proposed cost is $112,000. Selected final finalist — 5 out of 17. The largest grant award was $35,000.

  • New Mexico State Energy Office: Proposed 10 kW solar carport at Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Award still pending.

  • Interfaced with PV/solar industry on behalf of the Pueblo to ascertain industry viability and strength.

  • Created business plan that outlines Laguna's entry into the PV module manufacturing market. Final plan to be submitted Dec.18, 1998.

  • Established contact with Matrix Solar Technologies as viable partner for PV plant.

  • Established contact with New Mexico Public Utility Commission (PUC) on behalf of Pueblo. Have been asked by PUC executive director to make contact with new Native American commissioner, Linda Lovejoy, and explain our solar initiatives.

  • Have worked with other Pueblos in state of New Mexico on subject of electrical deregulation and renewable energy opportunities that present themselves. Have worked with the team conducting the seminars designed to educate the Pueblos and other tribes throughout the country.

Results, Conclusions, Findings, and Recommendations

See above.

Project Status

For current project status or additional information, contact the project contacts.

Project Contact

Laguna Industries, Inc.
Pueblo of Laguna
PO Box B
Laguna, NM 87026
Telephone: (505) 552-6041