Kootznoowoo Incorporated - 2010 Project

Project Overview
Tribe/Awardee: Kootznoowoo Incorporated
Location: Juneau, AK
Project Title: Thayer Lake Hydroelectric Development (TLHD)
Type of Application: Development
DOE Grant Number: DE-EE0002504
Project Amounts:
DOE: $1,110,500
Awardee: $1,110,500
Total: $2,221,000
Project Status: See project status
Project Period
of Performance:
Start: July 2010
End: June 2012


Thayer Lake Hydropower Development (TLHD) consists of a 1 MW+ run of the river hydropower project located in the Tongass Forest in the Admiralty Island National Monument Park that will provide the energy to the City of Angoon and Angoon Community Association (traditional tribe as recognized by Indian Reorganization Act). It is estimated that the hydropower plant, once completed, will provide an additional $1.5 million in collective energy savings in displacing another 500,000 gallons of diesel a year. Kootznoowoo, through TLHD, has the goal to completely displace fossil fuel use in Angoon, with the goal of a 100% renewable energy–driven Native community being a hallmark of the only community in the Admiralty Island National Monument Park. TLHD will allow Angoon to become energy self-sufficient in energy generation for current and future load growth. Additionally, this water resource has the future capability of providing a new clean water drinking supply for the community and can be considered by community leaders at some point in the future after the hydropower development is constructed.

Project Description


Kootznoowoo Incorporated is the traditional Native Corporation representing community and tribal members of Angoon and their descendents. Kootznoowoo has 1,018 shareholders and has an elected board of professional directors and hires a professional management team. Kootznoowoo Incorporated has extensive experience in property and land management.

In 2004, Kootznoowoo Incorporated submitted an application to the U.S. Forest Service requesting authorization for this development. Five years later (and now nine years after the TLHD feasibility evaluation report), after Angoon has lost one-third of its resident population due to high energy and limited economic opportunities, leaving it with one of the lowest per-capita incomes in the State of Alaska and 87% unemployment, the U.S. Forest Service has issued a final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). In May 2009, the Forest Service issued a Record of Decision upon which the final project design and preconstruction activities will be based.

Project Objectives

The primary goal is to provide the Native community of Angoon with relief from the high cost of diesel and to reduce its electrical cost. The development has the potential of eliminating entirely the need for diesel and fossil fuels for home heating and electricity. Further, Angoon is a stranded community with limited roads and no access to the broader community except by vessel or aircraft. The technological expansion of electric and electric-hybrid vehicles offers the community greater ability to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the near future. Secondary and supportive goals and objectives are to rebuild the local economy by bringing back commercial fishing operations, restaurants and other small businesses that went out of business due to the high cost of energy and to improve quality of life by enhancing social and cultural institutions that have been negatively impacted by the high cost of electricity and diesel.


For the preconstruction phase of the Thayer Lake Hydropower Development, Kootznoowoo Incorporated will hire, work closely with and oversee the management of the project with an energy development company that has built hydropower plants in Southeast Alaska and constructed transmission lines in rugged Southeast Alaska. Kootznoowoo is also cognizant of ensuring that all phases of development, construction and operation are completed at the highest cost-efficiency, with the goal of producing energy at the lowest cost for tribal members and residents. An additional goal of Kootznoowoo is to design the construction of the development to maximize local benefits to the tribal community. Activities include pre-construction activities, final civil design, final electrical design and final powerhouse design as follows:

Pre-Construction Activities

  1. Final Engineering Feasibility
    Update 2000 study to 2010 cost estimates and ensure compliance with current associated local, state and federal regulations.

  2. Negotiate Power Sales Agreement
    Begin discussions and complete agreement prior to construction with IPEC utility to establish a power sales agreement that will cover operating and maintenance costs and provide a reasonable rate of return to Kootznoowoo.

  3. Transmission Interconnection Study (coordinated with IPEC utility)
    Conduct cooperative interconnection study with IPEC utility to integrate interconnection requirements into final design.

  4. Power Purchase Agreement bond arrangements with utility
    Request and obtain security deposit from IPEC utility for Power Purchase Agreement to help cover expenses associated with integrating project power with the utility grid and control system.

Final Design

  1. Final Civil Design
    Final Civil Design includes final design of access road, Thayer transmission line, port facility, directional boring for electrical and water line design, water conduit and intake, survey and detailed mapping of water conduit, penstock routing evaluation, penstock and transmission route survey, final geotechnical exploration, penstock analysis design, dam, rock trap design, intake and outfall plug design, and outfall diffusion design.

  2. Final Electrical Design
    Final electrical design includes transmission, switch yard civil and electrical design, and design of the controls, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and protection.

  3. Final Powerhouse Design
    Activities include the powerhouse design; tailrace design; powerhouse mechanical and electrical design; housing and miscellaneous building design; preparation of the final design report; design review meetings; preparation of specification and construction documents; development of a construction quality control document, construction management plan, and inspection protocol; preparation of licensing articles; and the securing of any local, state, and federal permits.

Project Location

The Thayer Lake Hydropower Development (TLHD) consists of a 1 MW + run of the river hydropower project located in the Tongass Forest in the Admiralty Island National Monument Park in Alaska. The development would be located on Thayer Creek, approximately six miles north of Angoon.

Project Status

The project was competitively selected under the Tribal Energy Program's fiscal year 2009 funding opportunity announcement, "Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Deployment in Indian Country," and started in July 2010.

The November 2009, November 2011, March 2014, and May 2015 project status reports provide more information.

For current project status or additional information, please contact the project contacts.

Project Contact

Peter Naoroz
Kootznoowoo Inc.
8585 Old Dairy Road, Suite 104
Juneau, AK 99801