2012 College Student Interns

A photo of five Native American student interns with their advisor.

Pictured from left to right on Agua Caliente tribal land: Tribal Energy Program intern Colleen Cooley, Student Intern Program Supervisor Sandra Begay-Campbell of Sandia National Laboratories, Tribal Energy Program Intern Chelsea Chee, U.S. Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy intern Nikki Tulley, Tribal Energy Program intern Nora Cata, and DOE Office of Indian Energy intern Jessica Rodriguez.

Learn more about the Tribal Energy Program's 2012 college student interns, including their educational backgrounds, research papers, testimonials, and photos.

Nora Cata (Seneca-Cayuga)


  • M.S. Environmental Studies, San Jose State
  • B.A. Environmental Studies, University of California—Santa Barbara

Research paper: Residential Solar Energy on the Navajo Nation

Chelsea Chee (Navajo)


  • M.S. Community and Regional Planning and Public Administration, University of New Mexico
  • B.S. Environmental Studies, University of Arizona

Colleen Cooley (Navajo)


  • M.S. Climate Science and Solutions, Northern Arizona University
  • B.S. Environmental Studies, Northern Arizona University

Research paper: Mitigating Climate Change on a Tribal Level

Intern Testimonial

"I came to realize that renewable energy adoption is a learning process for everyone involved….Each tribe had its own motivations and perspectives with implementation as unique as the individual cultures themselves."
— Nora Cata