2002 College Student Interns

A Native American student intern performing work on a photovoltaic panel.

Native American student intern Deborah Tewa (certified electrician and solar installer), at Sandia's Photovoltaics Laboratory, New Mexico

Learn more about the Tribal Energy Program's 2002 college student intern, including her educational background, research paper, a testimonial, and photo.

Deborah Tewa (Hopi)

Degree: B.S. Indigenous Studies, Northern Arizona University

Research focus: Tribal off-grid photovoltaic systems and other tribal renewable energy systems

Intern Testimonial

"While I had worked with photovoltaic systems for several years including my experience at NativeSUN, the internship complemented my prior work 'in the trenches' and has been a gratifying experience."
— Deborah Tewa, 2002