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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Alaska Native Community Development Workshop

Here is the agenda and presentations from a workshop presented October 16–17, 2012, in Anchorage, Alaska, about developing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects within the Alaska Native villages.

Tuesday, October 16


Pathways to Native Village Energy Development

Native Village Energy Planning

Workforce Development and Building Green

Efficiency and Conservation for Alaska Native Communities

Alaska Technology Update

Ian Baring-Gould (Moderator), NREL

Wednesday, October 17

Renewables in Alaska Native Villages

Renewable Energy & Microgrid Integration

Ian Baring-Gould (Moderator), NREL

Case Studies: Renewable Energy Integration

Ian Baring-Gould (Moderator), NREL

Energy and Efficiency Project Finance

Resources for Community Energy Development

Pilar Thomas (Moderator), DOE Office of Indian Energy

  • Funding & Partnership Opportunities in Alaska (presented without PowerPoint)
    Joel Niemeyer, Denali Commission
  • Intertribal Organizations Role in Village Energy Development (presented without PowerPoint)
    Will Putman, Tanana Chiefs Conference
  • Regional Corp Coordination & Collaboration
    Sonny Adams, NANA Corp.
  • Energy Education
    Chris Rose, Renewable Energy for Alaska Project
  • Closing Remarks
    Pilar Thomas, DOE-IE