Oregon: Advancing Technology Readiness: Wave Energy Testing and Demonstration

Project Overview
Positive Impact: EERE’s support enabled Northwest Energy Innovations to verify the functionality of its Wave Energy Technology—New Zealand (WET-NZ) device.
Location: Oregon
Partners: Northwest Energy Innovations (NWEI), NNMREC
EERE Investment: $1,818,519
Clean Energy Sector: Renewable electricity generationPDF

Northwest Energy Innovations, in partnership with the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC), verified the functionality of the Wave Energy Technology – New Zealand (WET-NZ) device through wave tank testing and controlled open-sea deployment of a 1:2 scale device off the coast of Oregon. This project gathered energy capture performance data that will improve cost of electricity calculations for wave conversion technologies. Results of NWEI’s deployment offered better understanding of the wave impedance matching ability of the WET-NZ device. EERE is leading the effort to prove functionality, evaluate technical and economic viability, and generate cost, performance, and reliability data for a variety of wave, tidal, and current energy technologies.

The Water Power Program is committed to developing and deploying a portfolio of innovative technologies for clean, domestic power generation from resources such as hydropower, waves, and tides.

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