Washington, D.C. and Indiana: Allison Hybrid Technology Achieves Commercial Success

Project Overview
Positive Impact: Successfully deployed 1,480 hybrid buses in our nation’s capital and refurbished an unused plant in Indianapolis, Indiana, that is being used to commercialize hybrid trucks.
Locations: Washington, D.C., and Indianapolis, Indiana
Partners: Allison Transmission Inc., the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
EERE Investment: $62.8 million
Clean Energy Sector: Sustainable transportationPDF

Allison Transmission Inc.’s hybrid technology for city transit buses—developed in partnership with EERE from 1998 through 2005—has achieved visible commercial success in the Greater Washington D.C. region, and demand continues to grow worldwide. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), with a total fleet of 1,480 buses, has more than 600 of them now equipped with Allison’s H 40/50 EP hybrid system. This EERE-Allison partnership is now working to commercialize heavy-duty truck hybrids. As part of the Recovery Act, EERE awarded Allison a $62.8 million grant in 2009 to help facilitate the start of the $149 million project, to refurbish an unused portion of Allison’s plant in Indianapolis, Indiana, to produce hybrid systems for trucks. With the grant’s support, Allison is underway in commercialization of the H3000 and H4000 hybrid propulsion systems for medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks. One of the main benefits of using Allison hybrid technology within WMATA’s buses is the fuel savings realized from a kinetic energy recovery system, which features regenerative braking enabled by two motor/generator electric machines within the hybrid system. In addition to WMATA’s buses, Allison’s hybrid bus technology has prospered in the neighboring areas of Philadelphia (449 city buses), Baltimore (308), and Boston (25) as part of the 5,600 hybrid systems delivered worldwide.

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