Manufacturing Facility Opened Using EERE-Supported Low-Cost Fuel Cell Manufacturing Methods

Project Overview
Positive Impact: New facility uses low-cost fuel cell manufacturing methods.
Locations: New Jersey
Partners: BASF
EERE Investment: $1.9 million
Clean Energy Sector: Sustainable transportationPDF

Working with BASF of Florham Park, EERE-supported efforts led to a 75% reduction of the manufacturing cost of gas diffusion electrodes—a key component of fuel cells. To accomplish this cost reduction, BASF developed a higher throughput coating process, modeled the impact of defects on fuel cell performance, and developed more efficient manufacturing specifications. The company opened a new pilot manufacturing facility that incorporates these advances in Somerset, New Jersey.

The Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO) conducts comprehensive efforts to overcome the technological, economic, and institutional barriers to the widespread commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cells.

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