Steel Mill Powered by Waste Heat Recovery System

Project Overview
Positive Impact: More efficient steel mills.
ArcelorMittal USA reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 340,000 tons annually with new efficient recovery boiler.
Locations: Indiana
Partners: ArcelorMittal USA, Inc.
EERE Investment: $31.6 million
Clean Energy Sector: Energy-saving homes, buildings, and manufacturingPDF

EERE worked with ArcelorMittal USA, Inc. to install an efficient recovery boiler to burn blast furnace gases generated during iron-making operations to produce electricity and steam onsite at the company’s Indiana Harbor Steel Mill in East Chicago, Indiana. The steam is being used to drive existing turbogenerators onsite, creating enough electricity to power the equivalent of 30,000 households each year and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 340,000 tons annually, which is equivalent to removing approximately 62,000 cars from the road. It is estimated that this project created 360 jobs related to the design and manufacture of the equipment alone, employed 200 local construction workers, and by reducing energy costs, helps to support 5,900 jobs associated with the mill.

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