Ford-Dow Partnership Is Linked to Carbon Fiber Research at ORNL

Project Overview
Positive Impact: New manufacturing technologies.
National lab teams up with two companies to establish better manufacturing and production process technology.
Locations: Tennessee
Partners: Dow Chemical, Ford Motor Company, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
EERE Investment: $9 million
Clean Energy Sector: Energy-saving homes, buildings, and manufacturingPDF

EERE provided funding to Dow Chemical, Ford Motor Company, and ORNL to demonstrate a novel polymer fiber material and production process technology. These funds support EERE’s strategy of investing in emerging technologies that create high-quality, domestic manufacturing jobs and enhance the competitiveness of U.S. companies in today’s global markets. ORNL assisted the Ford-Dow partnership by providing feasibility studies and access to Carbon Fiber process scale-up facilities. This led to the announcement in April 2012 of a joint development agreement to establish low-cost, automotive-grade carbon fiber and develop component manufacturing methods for high-volume automotive applications, building on years of EERE and ORNL research support. The partnership will seek to combine the best of Ford’s capabilities and experience in design, engineering, and high-volume vehicle production with Dow’s strengths in research and development, materials science, and high-volume polymer processing.

The Advanced Manufacturing Office partners with industry, small business, universities, and other stakeholders to identify and invest in emerging technologies with the potential to create high-quality domestic manufacturing jobs and enhance the global competitiveness of the United States.

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