Tennessee: Ground-Source Heat Pump Receives Innovation Award at AHR Expo

Project Overview
Positive Impact: More efficient ground-source heat pumps.
Trilogy 40 Q-Mode™ heat pump receives 2013 AHR EXPO Innovation Award and 2013 R&D 100 Award.
Locations: Tennessee
Partners: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ClimateMaster
EERE Investment: $2 million over four years
Clean Energy Sector: Energy-saving homes, buildings, and manufacturingPDF

The new Trilogy 40 Q-Mode™ series, a highly efficient ground-source heat pump that has the capability of providing all the space heating, cooling, and water heating requirements for a residential or small commercial building, was recently awarded a 2013 AHR Expo Innovation Award at the International Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Expo (AHR Expo) in Dallas, Texas. The technology was also awarded an R&D 100 Award in 2013, gaining recognition for being a top technology product in 2012. This integrated ground-source heat pump technology was developed by the Energy Department's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in partnership with ClimateMaster, through a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA). The partnership between the Department and ClimateMaster began in 2008 in an effort to develop a more efficient ground-source integrated heat pump. Energy consumption is greatly reduced by a “trilogy” of variable speed technologies: (1) inverter driven compressor, (2) indoor air blower, and (3) water pump—all of which feature permanent magnet electric motor technology. These components enable the heat pump to match heating or cooling demand. By reducing the speed of the pump and blower motors when heating or cooling demand is low, the heat pump reduces electricity consumption by 80% or more during much of the year. Based on field tests and analysis, the Trilogy 40 Q-Mode heat pump can save about 60% of annual energy use and cost for space conditioning and water heating in residential applications versus minimum efficiency standard equipment and greater than 30% versus current state-of-the-art two-stage geothermal heat pumps. This water-to-air packaged heat pump provides significantly lower energy costs, reduces peak demand for electricity, and provides environmental benefits, especially through reductions in greenhouse gases and pollutants.

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