Expanding Educational Opportunities for the Wind Energy Workforce

Project Overview
Positive Impact: Supporting workforce development.
University of Wisconsin's new certificate and Master's programs support wind energy training.
Locations: Wisconsin
Partners: University of Wisconsin-Madison
EERE Investment: $600,000
Clean Energy Sector: Renewable Electricity GenerationPDF

The University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) is supporting wind energy workforce development and training for the civil design and construction sector. Funding from EERE has enabled curriculum development for the university’s Energy and Policy Graduate Certificate and online Master's degree in Sustainable Engineering, with wind energy specializations under consideration. These programs allow students to design small wind turbine blades, towers, battery chargers, and alternators. Student designs are presented via a website and open house. UW-Madison has also established an internship program for students in cooperation with the wind power industry, and is developing a series of continuing education courses in wind energy balance-of-plant design, including curricula on civil, geotechnical, electrical, structural, and construction management for wind site development, design, and construction. In parallel with the continuing engineering education short courses, UW-Madison also developed an upper-level, for-credit university design class in the balance-of-plant area.

The Wind Program is committed to developing and deploying a portfolio of innovative technologies for clean, domestic power generation to support an ever-growing industry.

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