New Sensor Network Technology Increases Manufacturing Efficiency

Project Overview
Positive Impact: Increasing manufacturing efficiency.
Motor Insight™ reduces installation and infrastructure costs of manufacturing.
Locations: Wisconsin
Partners: Eaton Corporation
EERE Investment: $3 million
Clean Energy Sector: Energy-saving homes, buildings, and manufacturingPDF

EERE supported Eaton Corporation in the development and successful deployment of an electric motor overload and monitoring solid-state relay. Eaton’s relay, called Motor Insight™, can reduce installation and infrastructure costs for manufacturers by up to 84% compared with conventionally wired systems. Motor Insight can predict potential equipment failure and allows for predictive and scheduled maintenance—helping prevent unscheduled downtime or inefficient operation of equipment in the manufacturing process that can waste energy and increase maintenance costs. In addition to monitoring electric motor health, the technology provides line conditioning for improved motor reliability and reduced maintenance downtime. It also reduces abnormal and inefficient operation using real time communication and control of motor operation. The technology is so effective that it can eliminate unnecessary fault-finding inspections at manufacturing facilities.

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