Arkansas Publishes Design Guide

March 01, 2004

Illustration of proposed William J. Clinton Library complex as shown in SmarterArchitecture.

SmarterArchitecture explains in detail how to construct many types of buildings, including large public complexes like the William J. Clinton Library complex, to be more energy- and resource-efficient. (Credit: Tod Swiecichowski)

The Arkansas Department of Economic Development, Arkansas Energy Office, and the University of Arkansas Community Design Center developed a 170-page, full color publication that highlights communities and buildings that use sustainable concepts and energy-efficient design and technologies. SmarterArchitecture shows how design professionals, building owners, and community leaders can be stewards of the environment while promoting economic development. The Arkansas Energy Office developed SmarterArchitecture to:

  • Increase awareness of energy as it relates to planning and policy development at the local level. Numerous communities that participated in the studies subsequently took action to update codes and create mixed-use areas and public outdoor spaces.

  • Encourage the reuse and rehabilitation of structurally sound buildings to save energy and resources while maintaining local historic character.

  • Encourage energy-efficient new construction. Several case studies identify new commercial, public, and private projects that incorporate new energy technologies to reduce annual operating costs.

  • Promote sustainable design-build objectives such as planning sustainable sites, safeguarding water and water efficiency, promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, conserving materials and resources, and ensuring indoor environmental quality.

For a copy of SmarterArchitecture, contact Pam Gangluff at (501) 661-0621.