Vermont Boosts Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy for Homes, Farms and Businesses

June 20, 2013

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin on June 17 signed into law three bills that will improve access to energy efficiency and clean energy for Vermonters. The legislative package will provide new financing options through VEDA and the Treasurer’s Office for projects meeting state energy goals, make improvements to the state’s thermal efficiency programs, and streamline the permitting process for farm digester projects.

The new financing law authorizes VEDA to borrow up to $10 million from the State Treasury to establish a two new commercial sector loan programs and a new energy efficiency loan guarantee program Additional funds for loss reserves will be provided by the Clean Energy Development Fund and Efficiency Vermont. The bill also provides $6.5 million for residential efficiency loans through a program run by Vermont Housing Finance Agency. The loan programs leverage capital through a public-private partnership to help businesses save energy. The thermal efficiency law makes improvements to state building energy standards. The new farm digester law streamlines the process for farmers to install digesters by removing the non-energy producing portion of the project from the jurisdiction of the Public Service Board. The Board will retain jurisdiction over energy production from those digesters. See the governor's press release.