California Approves First Car to Meet New Smog-Emissions Standards

January 14, 2013


California's Air Resources Board (ARB) announced on December 26 that it approved the first car for sale in the Golden State that meets ARB's most stringent smog-emission standard to date. The 2014 Honda Plug-In Hybrid Accord produces only 20 milligrams of combined smog-forming emissions per mile. This makes it the first gasoline-powered car in California to meet what is known as the SULEV20 standard, the most stringent in the nation and one-third cleaner (in terms of smog-forming pollution) than the previous lowest state standard. In addition, this Honda model has lower greenhouse gas emissions than the fleet average standard required by all cars in 2025, the equivalent of a 50% reduction from current required levels. See the ARB press release.