California Proposes $4.6 Million Award for Biofuel Pilot Plant

November 27, 2012

ZeaChem Inc., a developer of highly-efficient biorefineries, on October 18 announced that it has been selected as a proposed recipient of a $4.6 million award from the California Energy Commission for the development of a pilot plant at its Menlo Park, California, research and development facility. The grant would allow the Lakewood, Colorado-based company to scale up its C3 (three-carbon atom) product platform for advanced biofuel production.

The proposed award, which the Energy Commission will consider at a future business meeting, will enable the production of low-carbon drop-in bio-based gasoline from woody biomass and agricultural residues. The award will also cover costs for completion of a commercial feasibility study, which will analyze market acceptance of advanced fuels and the regional supply chain for a potential commercial scale biorefinery in Northern California.  See the ZeaChem press release.