Oklahoma Commission Approves Transmission Line

September 15, 2008

On September 11, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission voted 3–0 to authorize a plan proposed by Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) that includes building a transmission line to help unlock the state's wind energy potential. The 115-mile, 345-kilovolt line will extend from Oklahoma City northeast to Woodward.

The line will transmit electricity generated by the Centennial Wind Farm, located just north of Woodward, and the Oklahoma Wind Energy Center, 13 miles northeast of Woodward. Centennial has 80 turbines that can generate 120 megawatts (MW) of electricity and is owned and operated by OG&E. The Wind Energy Center has 34 wind turbines that can generate 50 MW of electricity and is owned and operated by FPL Energy. The line will also transmit electricity from other wind farms in the area.

The plan allows recovery of costs for the line when it begins operating and expanded use of renewable energy credits. OG&E says revenue from providing transmission capacity to other companies will help offset the cost to OG&E customers for constructing the line.

Commission Chairman Jeff Cloud said the transmission line will be needed for Oklahoma "to take its rightful place as a leading exporter of electricity to other states." Oklahoma is rated eighth in the nation for potential wind power capacity by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). The AWEA says that Oklahoma wind projects generate 689 MW of electricity per year, but the state has the potential to generate 82,700 MW per year.

For more information, see the commission's September 11 press release (PDF 25 KB) and the Oklahoma wind resources page on the AWEA Web site. Download Adobe Reader.

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