Alabama Creates Center for Alternative Fuels

December 04, 2006

On November 30th, Alabama’s Agriculture & Industries Commissioner Ron Sparks announced that his department will be forming a Center for Alternative Fuels. The center will create and develop opportunities for the production, use, and promotion of alternative fuels in the state.

The center is envisioned as a “one-stop shop” for information on how to get into the business, where consumers can find alternative fuels, and how Alabama farmers can provide crops for alternative fuel production. Sparks has named deputy commissioner Glen Zorn to supervise the new center.

Alabama produces a variety of products that could be turned into fuel. Crops such as corn, peanuts and soybeans, in addition to wood from the state’s vibrant timber industry are all potential sources. Other products include grass, cotton seed, and chicken droppings. The state's poultry farms produce about a billion birds a year.

Source: December 1 online news story in Everything Alabama.

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) administers an Alternative Transportation Fuels Program that encourages and promotes the use of alternative fuels in the state. The division is assisted in this effort by the Alabama Alternative Transportation Fuels Taskforce. To learn more, view the ADECA Alternative Transportation Fuels Web site. .