California News Archives - 2008


California Approves Feed-In Tariffs for Renewable Energy Systems
California Regulators Reward Utilities for Pursuing Energy Efficiency
Los Angeles Breaks Ground on Nation's Largest City-Owned Wind Farm
Western Governors to Speed Development of Alternative Fuels


California Agency Reduces Zero-Emission Vehicle Requirements
California Utility Inks Deal for Nearly 1,500 Solar Homes
California Utility to Install 250 Megawatts of Solar Panels
Large-Scale Solar Thermal Power Projects Planned for California
Los Angeles Approves an Aggressive Green Building Ordinance
Northern California Utility Draws on Renewable Natural Gas


Offshore Wind and Ocean Energy Testing Allowed Off Five States' Coasts


DOE to Identify Western Transmission Needs for Renewable Energy in 11 Western States
San Francisco Launches Nation's Largest Municipal Solar Incentive


California Establishes Statewide Green Building Standards
California Gains its First Combined Hydrogen and Gasoline Station
California Proposes a Path to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Report: California Utilities Lead the Nation in Solar Energy


PG&E Signs Contracts for 800 Megawatts of Solar Photovoltaic Power


California Adopts a Long-Term Energy Efficiency Plan
California Governor Signs an Array of Renewable Energy Bills
San Francisco Approves a Tough Green Building Standard


Ausra Opens its First Concentrating Solar Power Plant in California
California Releases Plans to Cut its Greenhouse Emissions
California Utility Connects 25,000 Net Metered Solar Customers


Boulder Voters Follow Berkeley with Clean Energy Financing
California Approves $1 Billion for Low-Income Energy Efficiency
California Regulators Reject Finavera Wave Power Contract
California Streamlines Approvals for Renewable Energy Projects
California Voters Approve Funding for High-Speed Rail System
California and Oregon Build an Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles


California Approves a Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
California Gains its First Large LNG Fuel Production Plant
Company Proposes Ocean Energy Projects in Six States
Los Angeles Pursues 1,300 Megawatts of Solar Power by 2020