University of Pennsylvania Triples Wind Purchase

April 08, 2006

Under a new agreement, the University of Pennsylvania will now purchase nearly 30% of its energy needs from wind-generated power, nearly tripling its wind energy purchase. Following a previous wind energy purchase of 40 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually from Pennsylvania wind farms, Penn's new agreement to purchase an additional 112 million kWh each year for the next five years from wind farms across the country is the largest retail purchase of green power in the nation by an institution of higher education.

Penn President Amy Gutmann said, "We at Penn are pleased to be a national leader in clean energy and in the development of the wind-generated power industry in the state. Through this environmental stewardship, we can continue to raise the awareness of our students and the community about alternative fuel options."

Penn has long been on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Top 25 list of national green power purchasers. Penn's new commitment will move the University to No. 8 nationally.

Penn's previous significant wind energy purchases, supplied by Exelon-Community Energy wind farms in Pennsylvania, catalyzed the industry in the state, spurring the development of additional renewable generation facilities. Because purchases of green power support the development of new renewable generation facilities, Penn's latest commitment is expected to have the same effect nationally.

For more information, read the April 7 issue of Wind Energy Weekly.