Governor's Panel Recommends Limited Test of Wind Power Off Jersey Shore

May 10, 2006

The New Jersey Blue Ribbon Panel on Development of Wind Turbine Facilities in Coastal Waters has released its final report, which recommends the state proceed with a limited test project only, not to exceed 350 megawatts (MW), to obtain practical knowledge of benefits and impacts resulting from offshore wind turbine facilities. The panel notes these efforts must be preceded by scientific baseline studies that collect basic data about the existence, location, and nature of New Jersey's offshore natural resources, in addition to information regarding potential economic impacts of offshore wind projects. See the New Jersey wind panel report.

Under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the Interior Department's Minerals Management Service (MMS) now has authority to regulate offshore renewable energy projects. MMS is holding public scoping meetings across the United States in May and June to help it prepare a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for such projects. MMS has developed a Web site for the Programmatic EIS. For more information, see the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection May 2 press release and the MMS's MMS May 6 press release.