Utah Establishes Aggressive Efficiency Goals, Sets Efficiency Standards for State Buildings

April 27, 2006

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman unveiled a comprehensive energy policy on April 26 and committed the state to increase the energy efficiency of the state economy by 20% in 2015. The governor made the announcement in front of a group of state government and industry leaders at the University of Utah Health Sciences Education Building in Salt Lake. This building is the first state-constructed facility to comply with the state efficiency standards.

During the ceremony, Huntsman signed a ceremonial copy of House Bill (HB) 80, Energy Savings in State Buildings. The governor that HB-80 was the first step in developing a more complete energy efficiency policy. He also said, "The state policy encourages and promotes energy efficiency in our state-owned buildings, homes, and commercial buildings. Collectively, these efforts will make Utah one of the most energy efficient states in the country." For more information, see the governor's April 25 press release.