GM to Help Michigan Install 20 E85 Fueling Stations

April 20, 2006

Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm praised a private sector partnership that will spur ethanol use across the state. Joined by General Motors, Meijer, and agricultural, environmental, and manufacturing representatives at an event at the Michigan Capitol in Lansing on April 19, the governor hailed the plan for 20 new E85 fueling stations that will quadruple the availability of E85 in Michigan. Granholm said, "Partnerships like [this one] boost our economy and support homegrown Michigan businesses while reducing emissions and bringing us one step closer to energy independence." For more information, see the governor's April 18 press release.

Granholm also cited state initiatives in place to increase the viability of renewable energy while stimulating economic growth:

  • The 21st Century Jobs Fund uses $2 billion in public and private investment as a catalyst for job creation and investment in four key areas: alternative energy, advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and homeland security.
  • Renaissance zones and agricultural processing renaissance zones have enabled the establishment of Michigan's corn-to-ethanol production plant in Caro and four additional plants opening soon.
  • State government also operates a fleet of alternative fuel-capable and hybrid vehicles.

Source: April 20 edition of Renewable Energy Access.