Hawaii Ethanol Fuel Mandate for E10 Unleaded Starts April 2

April 03, 2006

Most of Hawaii's gasoline must contain 10% ethanol beginning April 2. This fuel, called E10 Unleaded, is common in most states, but has not been widely used in Hawaii up to this point. Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle set this goal in 2004 by issuing an administrative rule committing the state to use more renewable transportation fuels. For details on the rule, see the governor's September 2004 press release.

Half a dozen companies have announced intentions to produce fuel ethanol on several major islands in the state; sugarcane byproducts are among the intended feedstocks. One of the state's major refiners began to mix ethanol with gasoline a month ahead of the deadline to facilitate a smooth transition to the new fuel. For more details, see the story in the March – April edition of the EERE State Energy Program newsletter, Conservation Update.