New Jersey Sets Ambitious Renewable Energy Goal for the Meadowlands

April 11, 2006

The New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) gave the go-ahead to become one of the largest generators of solar power in the country. The commission adopted the recommendations of a staff report presented to the NJMC board of directors April 10 that sets a goal for installation of 20 megawatts (MW) of renewable generating capacity by 2020, including 5 MW of solar power. The NJMC directed a newly formed Renewable Energy Task Force for the Meadowlands District to develop a plan for how to meet this goal using solar, tidal, wind, geothermal, and other sources of renewable energy.

The Meadowlands goal for this initiative is to attract technology companies and jobs to the area. New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Commissioners and NJMC Chair Susan Bass Levin said, "This project will provide enormous environmental and economic benefits for the Meadowlands District, as well as set a precedent for the state's commitment to renewable energy."

The internal staff report showed that existing NJMC properties located just west of the Hudson River near New York City could accommodate the solar installations. These installations would comprise 1.3 million square feet of roof space, parking lots and garages, remediated landfills and adjacent properties. NJMC already collects methane gas from more than 700 acres of landfills, which it sells to local natural gas suppliers, and also generates a small amount of electricity on site.

For more details about the announcement, see the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission April 10 press release.