Ohio Governor Expands Biofuels, Announces Energy Action Plan

February 24, 2006

Ohio Governor Bob Taft announced a broad series of proposal aimed at expanding use and production of biofuels and wind energy as part of his Energy Action Plan. Taft made his announcement during a visit to the construction site of an ethanol production plant in Lima. During the visit, he presented a check for $5.9 million to Greater Ohio Ethanol, LLC, the owners of the Lima plant that will have a capacity to produce 56 million gallons of ethanol a year. The funding comes from Ohio Investment in Training, which is a job creation program meant to attract and keep manufacturing facilities in the state.

Taft also announced the state will substantially increase consumption renewable fuels by state vehicles:

  • Doubling annual consumption of ethanol E85 to 60,000 gallons by 2007.
  • Increasing annual consumption of biodiesel by 100,000 per year starting in 2007. Ohio has already committed to use 1 million gallons of biodiesel in 2007.
  • Purchasing only flexible-fuel vehicles that can run on E85, conventional gasoline, or both fuels.
  • Tripling the number of E85 pumps available to Ohio consumers by 2007.

Taft's Energy Action Plan also includes proposals for incentives energy efficiency, wind power manufacturers and power producers, and research into clean coal technologies. For more information, see the governor's February 23 press release.