Wisconsin Commission Approves We Energies Green Power Changes

October 01, 2005

Wisconsin's largest utility, We Energies, received authorization from the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin on October 1 to expand its renewable energy programs. As part of the package, the PSC approved several enhancements to the utility's Energy for Tomorrow (EFT) green pricing program.

The base premium for the EFT program was lowered from $0.0204 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to $0.0137 per kWh to reflect higher fossil fuel prices, and EFT customers will be protected from fossil fuel-related rate adjustments for two years. Larger business customers that purchase 70,000 kWh of renewable energy per month or more will qualify for a new EFT Bulk Purchase Rate of $0.01 per kWh. Business customers have the option to aggregate multiple accounts under a single corporate ownership to reach the purchase threshold.

The company has also changed the power supply mix for the EFT program by increasing the amount of wind energy, decreasing the landfill gas contribution, and including solar energy for the first time. Last year, We Energies introduced a Solar Buy-Back Rate that pays qualifying customer-generators a rate of $0.22 per kWh for their solar output for up to 10 years. The PSCW also approved a new Biogas Buy-Back Rate, which pays $0.08 per kWh for on-peak energy and $0.049 per kWh for off-peak energy to customers who generate electricity from anaerobic digester technology using animal waste from farm operations, industrial food processes, or municipal wastewater treatment facilities.

Source: EERE Green Power Network.