Rhode Island Governor Creates Energy Advisor, Announces Coordinated Energy Plan

January 13, 2006

Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri signed an executive order in Providence on January 12 creating a new Energy Advisor position in the executive cabinet. The new advisor is charged with overseeing the Rhode Island State Energy Office and carrying out a five-point energy agenda for the state:

  • Increase the availability of liquefied natural gas in Rhode Island.
  • Reform electric power markets.
  • Address the needs of low-income families.
  • Secure renewable energy resources.
  • Conduct an energy audit of all state facilities.

The Rhode Island State Energy Office also manages the State Energy Program in the state. Read Executive Order 06-02, titled "State Energy Office" (PDF 27 KB).

Carcieri reasoned that this year's unprecedented energy costs require a holistic approach to energy issues. Carcieri said, "Rising energy costs not only threaten our economy and our state's competitiveness but also greatly impact the pockets of Rhode Islanders, especially those on fixed incomes." For more information, read the governor's January 12 press release.