Pataki Joins Ethanol Coalition

December 16, 2005

Governor George Pataki joined the Governor's Ethanol Coalition, a bipartisan organization that is working to promote the development and use of ethanol-based fuels nationally and globally. Governor Pataki is the first Northeast governor to join the coalition. Three ethanol plants are expected to begin production in New York within the next year. They include the Northeast Biofuels in Fulton, Oswego County, the largest ethanol plant in the Northeast, with a capacity to produce 100 million gallons annually, and the Fulton Biofuel site, home to a 5 million gallons per year biodiesel production facility built and operated by NextGen Fuel Inc. of Postdam, St Lawrence County. Pataki has also proposed a biofuel production tax credit to provide up to $1 million per taxable year for costs associated with constructing a biofuel facility, or producing or storing biofuel. The Governor's Ethanol Coalition includes the governors of 31 states and representatives from five foreign nations. See the governor's press release.