Nevada Commission Approves Solar One

September 23, 2005

The Nevada Public Utility Commission (PUC) approved a power purchase agreement between the Nevada Power Company in Las Vegas, the Sierra Pacific Power Company in Reno, and Solargenix Energy in Las Vegas to build solar thermal power plant near Boulder City, Nevada, about 15 miles southeast of Las Vegas. The plant will be called "Solar One" and will have a rated capacity of 64 megawatts (MW).

When it goes online in early 2007, it will become the third largest solar power plant in the world. The plant will use parabolic concentrating mirrors in the "solar trough" design. For more information about the plant, see Solargenix's September 21 press release.

Nevada Power and Sierra Pacific Power will use credits from the solar power plant to meet their obligations under the states renewable portfolio standard. The companies must obtain 0.5% of their electricity from solar power by 2009. For information about this requirement, see PUC's renewable energy Web page.

Source: September 23 edition of Renewable Energy Access.