Pennsylvania Forms Renewable Agricultural Energy Council

October 12, 2005

Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell held a meeting of the newly created the Renewable Agricultural Energy Council on October 12 in Harrisburg. The council will develop and expand production and use of renewable energy by the agriculture industry in Pennsylvania. The council will make recommendations to the governor on policies that promote development of renewable energy and provide assistance to help industry establish and develop the infrastructure for delivering renewable energy to Pennsylvania consumers.

The governor said his reasons for forming the council were to create jobs in agricultural communities in the state and to diversity the energy base supporting the state's industries. "Renewable agricultural energy has the potential to support and grow the agriculture industry in Pennsylvania by providing as many as 64,000 additional jobs," the Governor said.

The governor made the announcement with Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff, who said, "Taking advantage of renewable energy will help improve Pennsylvania's economic security and improve efficiency and profitability of farming operations."

For more information, see the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's October 12 press release.