Massachusetts Rebates for Solar And Small Wind

April 25, 2005

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) launched a $5 million program to expand the production and use of solar photovoltaic, wind, and micro-hydroelectric technologies in the state. Under this program, MTC provides rebates to homeowners, businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, and other organizations seeking to install small-scale renewable energy systems.

The goal is to help finance up to 500 installations. The rebates are designed to offset 25% $ndash; 50% of the cost of these clean energy systems. A well designed, on-site renewable energy system on an energy efficient home or building can meet 40% – 75% of the site's electricity needs. For more information, see MTC's April 25 press release.

MTC already has successful experience with rebates. Through its highly successful Solar-to-Market Initiative, MTC has helped finance 206 solar systems during the past two years with 70 more in the pipeline.

MTC also recently launched a new Web site that provides a way for solar system owners to monitor performance through database of solar systems. See the new Web site published by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative titled "Catch Some Rays."