Connecticut Adopts Distributed Generation Requirement for Electricity Providers

July 21, 2005

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell signed House Bill (HB) 7501 on July 21 that requires the state's electricity providers to obtain 4% of their resources from distrubted generation by 2010. HB-7501 establishes an intermediate goal of 1% by 2007, and provides one-time payments for customers who install distributed generation at their facilities before January 2010. Electric power companies that do not meet their goals will pay a penalty of $0.055 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of their shortfall. Read the bill.

This requirement is on top of the 10% renewable portfoio standard the state established for electricity providers in 1998. Distributed generation is located at the same location as the consumer and connects to the electric power grid in the distribution system, which is at a lower voltage than the transmission system. DOE's Distributed Energy Program publishes a study of the most popular distributed technologies, which includes renewable energy systems.

For more information on the bill, read an August 22 article in the Interstate Renewable Energy Council's (IREC's) newsletter, Connecting to the Grid.