New Hampshire Governor Orders 10% Cut in Energy Costs

July 14, 2005

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch Executive Order Number 2005-4 on July 14 that directs state agencies to cut their energy use by 10%. The governor said his motivation for the new policy is to reduce costs to taxpayers and to reduce pollution from power generation and energy consumption. The governor noted that the State is the largest energy user in New Hampshire and pay more than $18 million in utility bills per year. State agencies occupy more than 1,200 buildings and operate more than 4,000 vehicles.

"State government should lead by example in increasing energy efficiency," said Lynch. "Reducing energy use makes good economic and environmental sense." To carry out this policy, he ordered state agencies to:

  • Purchase computers, air conditions, and equipment with Energy Star® ratings.
  • Construct new buildings that are 20% more energy efficient than required by the state's building code.
  • Implement a Clean Fleets Program to purchase low-emissions vehicles and achieve a minimum overall fuel economy of 27.5 miles per gallon.
  • Reduce water consumption and report to the Department of Administrative Services on progress.

The New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning helped the governor draft the executive order. To carry it out, Governor Lynch created a new position of energy manager for state facilities who will report quarterly on progress. For background and to read the text of the executive order, see the governor's July 14 press release.