New Hampshire Legislature Orders Study of Renewable Potential

July 01, 2005

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch signed House Bill (HB) 185 on July 1 establishing a committee that will report to the Legislature on the potential of renewable energy in the state and the ability of renewable energy technologies to meet the state's future needs. Read the bill.

The committee will also determine what incentives for renewable energy are likely to be effective in New Hampshire. HB-185 stipulates that these incentives will not create additional taxes or fees for state citizens. However, the bill sponsors say that this assessment will provide a foundation on which to build a renewable energy program in the state. (New Hampshire is the only state in New England that does not have a renewable energy portfolio standard.) HB-185 was originally intended to examine the potential for exploiting geothermal energy from deep underground, but was enlarged during the legislative session to include other forms of renewable energy.

Source: July 15 edition of Renewable Energy Access.