Nebraska Pioneers Efficient, Affordable Housing

May 11, 2005

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman recognized energy efficiency home construction at the Spring Parade of Homes in southwest Lincoln on May 11. The home was built as a prototype that will set the standard for energy efficient and affordable housing in Nebraska.

The home has a five-star energy rating and cost less than $150,000 to build. It's annual heating and cooling costs are estimated at $350 per year, which is $600 less per year than it costs to heat and cool a standard home in Lincoln. The home has 1,248 square feet (sf) of living space, so construction costs are $120/sf, which is typical for construction costs in eastern Nebraska. The Nebraska Energy Office publishes an online fact sheet with pictures about the project titled, "Nebraska's Energy Efficient, Affordable Single Family House."

The home is certified Energy Star® and Green Building Nebraska. The Nebraska Energy Office helped develop the Nebraska Certified Green Building program in 2004 in cooperation with the Nebraska State Home Builders Association and a team of builders. Governor Heineman said at the press conference, "Buying a Nebraska Certified Green Built Home is an assurance that a new home has been built to exacting energy and environmental standards."

The home was developed through a partnership with the Nebraska Energy Office and DOE's Building America Program. Building America is a program to develop and test energy efficient construction techniques with commercial builders that do not cost more than standard construction. Steven Winter Associates, a Building America partner, provided design and testing support. (Usually energy efficient construction costs more to design and makes up for this cost in savings in materials and equipment during construction.) The Nebraska Energy Office will support data collection and testing of this home for one year. Skyline Homes in Lincoln constructed the home using a construction financing package developed with a local lender participating in Nebraska's Dollar and Energy Saving Loan Program.

For more information, see the governor's May 11 press release.