Hawaii Governor Implements Ethanol Requirement

September 22, 2004

Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle signed new administrative rules on September 22 to implement a 10-year-old law mandating that ethanol be added to gasoline sold in Hawaii. The new regulations call for at least 85% of Hawaii's gasoline to contain 10% ethanol, which is known as E10, beginning in April 2006. An exemption is allowed if competitively priced ethanol is not available, or in the case of undue hardship. See Hawaii's E10 requirement.

"Implementing ethanol blending rules is another step toward our commitment to creating greater energy self-sufficiency for our state," said the governor. At least 40 million gallons of ethanol per year will be required to meet the mandate. Studies have pegged Hawaii's ethanol production potential at 90 million gallons per year in the short term and more than 400 million gallons per year as a mature industry. More information on the state's ethanol program is available from the Hawaii Strategic Industries Division.