Indiana Commission Approves Net Metering

May 19, 2005

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved net metering tariffs for all five of Indiana's investor owned utilities on May 18. The commission's ruling encourages distributed generation from solar, wind, or small hydropower systems and applies to all Indiana residences and K-12 schools.

Net metering allows renewable energy systems with a rated capacity up to 10 kilowatts (kW) to connect to the utility grid. The distributed generation systems must comply with safety requirements of UL Standard 1741. If the homeowner's generation surpasses consumption, the utility will credit the bill for the difference in production minus consumption of electricity at the retail rate (per kWh). The utilities cannot charge homeowners or schools fees for interconnection and may limit the total amount of net-metered systems to 0.1% of their peak summertime loads. For details on the ruling, see the commission's May 19 press release (PDF 10 KB).

Source: June 2005 edition of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council's IREC Interconnection Newsletter.