Iowa Governor Issues Executive Order for Renewable Energy

June 01, 2005

Governor Tom Vilsack issued Executive Order 41, which sets up a purchasing requirement for state agencies to purchase at least 10% of their electricity needs from renewable energy sources by 2010. The order also requires state agencies to reduce their electricity use in buildings at least 15% by 2010 relative to their use in 2000. The order also requires the state fleet to convert to hybrid-electric vehicles or to vehicles that operate on alternative fuels by 2010; also, bulk diesel fuel purchased by state agencies must contain a certain percentage of renewable fuel such as biodiesel.

Iowa has the capacity to produce more than 900 million gallons of ethanol and 20 million gallons of biodiesel every year, according to the executive order. Iowa currently offers a range of tax incentives and in-state grants to support renewable energy technologies. A mandatory green power option was introduced in 2001, and the state supports net metering contracts for utility customers who produce their own energy and renewable set asides for investor owned utilities.

For more information, read Executive Order 41 (PDF 971 KB). Download Acrobat Reader.