University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus Uses Biodiesel

February 23, 2005

The University of Wisconsin-Madison's fleet of diesel-fueled vehicles will begin to fill its tanks with a blend of sulfur diesel and a soybean-based biodiesel fuel.

Sulfur diesel and biodiesel will be mixed to allow a 20% concentration of biodiesel in the fleet's fuel. The biodiesel in the university's fuel mix means that its physical plant fleet will get better emissions reductions that other fleets even after federal regulations require the use of ultra-low sulfur diesel. The new fuel blend will reduce particulate matter emissions by 15%, hydrocarbons by 13%, carbon monoxide by 8%, and carbon dioxide by 16%.

The university is a founding partner in the Dane County Clean Air Coalition, which has brought together government agencies and businesses to voluntarily help reduce emissions and avert stricter regulation that accompanies higher ozone levels.

For more information, read the February 23 Renewable Energy Access press release.