Massachusetts Brownfield Site Goes Solar

February 25, 2005

Governor Mitt Romney signed legislation that allows the City of Brockton to begin construction on what will soon be the largest solar electric array in New England. The project will include as many as 6,720 solar panels.

What is now a blight on a 27-acre piece of land in the town — a once polluted brownfield site — will redeem itself and become the city's brightfield project, a massive 500-kW, $3.6-million dollar solar photovoltaic array.

The former site of the Brockton Gas Works plant, the property's ground was once severely polluted, but has since been almost completely cleaned up by the Bay State Gas Company. Because of contaminants capped below the ground, however, new development on the site is very limited. Nothing can penetrate further than 18 inches below the surface, but developers can still cover the barren land with solar panels.

For more information, read the February 25 Renewable Energy Access press release.