Wisconsin ENERGY STARĀ® Homes Program Recognizes Building Professionals

February 15, 2005

Fourteen builders, contractors, and other Wisconsin building professionals were honored at the New Construction Awards Banquet during the Better Buildings: Better Business conference for their roles in building some of the most comfortable, durable, safe, and energy-efficient homes in the country.

Winners were selected for their excellence in upholding the standards of the Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes program. Awards were given in Excellence in Building Air Tightness, Excellence in Technology Adoption, Excellence in Creative Advertising, System Built Builder/Dealer of the Year in Building Excellence, and Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes Consultant of the Year.

The Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes program partners promote and build homes that incorporate innovative building materials and practices and exceed nationally recognized building standards. Homes built under the program are, on average, up to 25% more energy efficient than homes built to Wisconsin's Uniform Dwelling Code. More than 350 builders in the program have built more than 3,600 Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes.

For more information, read the February 15 Focus on Energy press release (PDF 137 KB).