Kansas, Vermont, and New Jersey Encourage Wind Power but Set Limits

January 14, 2005

Kansas, Vermont, and New Jersey have seen fit recently to note the benefits of wind power, but choose to limit its development in certain areas. Kansas is limiting wind plants on grasslands, Vermont on state lands, and New Jersey has placed a moratorium on offshore wind power development.

In Kansas, Governor Kathleen Sebelius announced on January 14 that she had adopted a set of recommendations for wind energy development while preserving the tallgrass prairie in the Flint Hills region. The key element of the plan is to defer to local control and decision making and provide tools, best practices, and guidelines to assist local governments. See the governor's press release.

In Vermont, the Agency of Natural Resources concluded that large-scale wind plants should not be built on state-owned lands. Vermonters largely support the development of renewable energy resources, and the new policy still encourages small-scale wind installations on state lands. See the Vermont Wind Policy Web site.

In New Jersey, Acting Governor Richard Codey noted the benefits of wind power and the state's commitment to renewable energy but, because of concerns about protecting the marine and coastal environments, placed a 15-month freeze on the funding and permitting of offshore wind projects. See the acting governor's press release.

Source: January 26 edition of EERE News.