Fuel-Efficient Tires Could Save Gasoline

December 15, 2004

On December 15, the California Energy Commission approved work on a study, authorized by Assembly Bill 844, that will serve as the basis for an eventual tire fuel efficiency reporting system and minimum efficiency standards. The 18-month, $400,000 contract with Smithers Scientific Services Inc., will examine tire characteristics such as longevity, safety, and ease of recycling. It will also establish a database of findings.

Assembly Bill 844 gave the Energy Commission authority to adopt fuel efficiency labeling and ratings standards for all replacement tires sold in the state beginning in 2008. The law also requires that rolling resistance data be made easily accessible to anyone who purchases tires. Tires with low rolling resistance could 2%–5% savings in fuels costs per year. According to the Energy Commission, millions of gallons of fuel could be saved if consumers use fuel efficiency information as they decide on replacement tires.

For more information, see the California Energy Commission's December 15 press release.